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Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Peter Fitzpatrick
During 2021, Theatre Heritage Australia has been celebrating the 100th birthday of Australian playwright Ray Lawler. PETER FITZPATRICK takes an in depth look at Summer of the Seventeenth Doll—a play that was acknowledged as a landmark of…

Theatrical Portraits of Walter Bentley

Sue-Anne Wallace
SUE-ANNE WALLACE continues her exploration of the life of her grandfather, the actor Walter Bentley. Taking the Falk Album as a starting point, she looks at Bentley’s choice of photographer and how his image was used throughout his career.…

Aubrey Mellor: We could be trusted with new work (Part 3)

Jasna Novaković
The Malthouse Theatre. Photo by Ian Laidlaw. Courtesy of The Malthouse Theatre. In Part 3 of her profile of Melbourne’s Playbox Theatre under the directorship of Aubrey Mellor, JASNA NOVAKOVIĆ focuses on the company’s 2000 and 2001 seasons…

The Sentimental Bloke (Part 1)

Peter Pinne
2021 marks sixty years since the premiere of Nancy Brown and Lloyd Thompson’s musical version on The Sentimental Bloke. To celebrate, PETER PINNE ‘dips his lid’ to Bill, Doreen, and to the creators of one of our most produced and best…

From England to Australia: From Shickle to Sherwin

Kurt Gänzl
As KURT GÄNZL discovers, British tenor Walter Sherwin spent most of his short-lived career in Australia and New Zealand. Despite losing his arm in a shooting accident in 1866, he continued to tour, visiting California, China and Japan with…

Thus Far: The story of my life (Part 7)

Madge Elliott
After their successes in London, Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard returned to Australia. Not without qualms, as MADGE ELLIOTT told us in the last chapter of ‘Thus Far,’ for in a way they were making an Australian come-back. They had been…

Victorian Vocalists: Book Review

Allister Hardiman
BOOK REVIEW: Victorian Vocalists, Routledge, New York, 2020 (paperback) Victorian VocalistsMemory does not fade, it sinks slowly to the bottom of the cultural seabed where the more leisurely historian may pick up a forgotten item or two…

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Madge Elliot

Thus Far: The story of my life (Part 1)

To coincide with Cyril Ritchard and Madge Elliott’s Australian theatrical tour for J.C. Williamson’s in 1934-36 (having based themselves in London since 1925), Madge Elliott collaborated on a series…

C.H. Workman

C.H. Workman in Australia (Part 1)

Advertising card for Utopia Limited, c.1894. Author’s collection. Singer, comedian and Savoyard C.H. Workman arrived in Australia in 1914 as a member of The Girl in the Taxi company. He spent a total…

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