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Said J.C. Williamson (Part 2)

J.C. Williamson, with picture research by Rob Morrison
The Australian Stage. What it Demands of the Actor, the Author, and the Manager An Interview with J. C. WILLIAMSON Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sydney, 1903 IN what I have said of Australian actors I allow for exceptions, of course. But I’m…

Frank Neil—‘He Lived Show Business’ (Part 2)

Frank Van Straten
FRANK VAN STRATEN continues his exploration of the life and tumultuous times of Frank Neil, one of Australia’s near-forgotten entrepreneurs. Part 2: ‘Everyone I knew told me I was all kinds of a variegated fool.’ Frank Neil in Charley’s…

Encounters with Stars of the Theatrical Kind (Part 4)

Raymond Stanley
In Part 4 of his ‘Encounters’, theatre and film critic RAYMOND STANLEY tells of his 1963 meeting with Noël Coward, who was in Melbourne for the Australian premiere of his musical Sail Away, which he was directing. This 1957 portrait of…

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C.H. Workman

C.H. Workman in Australia (Part 6)

Monte Luke’s promotional photos included scenic artist, Leslie Board and the show’s 28 year-old stage manager, Rege Carey. Punch (Melbourne), 8 April 1915, p.18 Following the conclusion of the Sydney…

Book reviews

The Simonsens of St Kilda: Book Review

BOOK REVIEW: The Simonsens of St. Kilda: A family of singers by Roger Neill, Australian Society of Authors, 2023 The Simonsens of St Kilda. The cover features a portrait of Madame Frances Saville…