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Encounters with Stars of the Theatrical Kind (Part 1)

Raymond Stanley
Melbourne-based theatre and film critic RAYMOND STANLEY had plans to publish a book recalling his ‘encounters’ with some of the celebrities he interviewed in a career spanning many decades. The manuscript is now at the State Library…

Producing a London Musical Comedy

Minnie Everett; with endnotes by Rob Morrison
In 1916 J.C. Williamson’s Melbourne-based ballet mistress, Minnie Everett was sent to America to visit New York and thence to London, where she was seconded to stage the ballets and dances for The Firm’s inaugural West End production of…

Sara Flower: A flower from the north

Kurt Gänzl
KURT GÄNZL explores the life and career of the English-born contralto Sara Flower who spent much of her all-too-short career in Australia. FLOWER, Sara [Elizabeth] (b. Grays, Essex 1820 x. 29 December 1820; d. 137 Victoria Street,…

Melba Inspired Movement

Gertrude Johnson
In the following article, the founder and director of the National Theatre Movement, GERTRUDE JOHNSON, tells the story of how it began, its growth, and its hopes for the future. This is a transcript of an article that appeared in Adelaide…

Walter Kirby: Australia’s forgotten Caruso (Part 4)

Frank Van Straten
The late 1920s and early 1930s were not happy years for Walter Kirby, as FRANK VAN STRATEN discovers in Part 4 of his biography of the New Zealand-born Australian tenor. Walter Kirby in a 1920s advertisement for Beale Player Pianos. State…

C.H. Workman in Australia (Part 6)

Robert Morrison
Monte Luke’s promotional photos included scenic artist, Leslie Board and the show’s 28 year-old stage manager, Rege Carey. Punch (Melbourne), 8 April 1915, p.18 Following the conclusion of the Sydney premiere season of High Jinks (to make…

Sorry! House Full: Book Review

Frank Van Straten
BOOK REVIEW: Sorry! House Full: An A to Z retrospective review of the cinemas of Sydney by Ian Hanson and Les Tod OAM; Foreword by Anthony Buckley AM This book is an extraordinary achievement. Its 220 pages represent the triumphant…

Obituary: Carol Raye

Barry Creyton
Carol Raye, 1923–2022 I was well established in Sydney theatre by 1964, thanks to my series of villains at the legendary Music Hall Theatre and one revue at the Phillip Theatre which brought me to the attention of Gordon Chater, already a…

Obituary: Martin Carlson

Vicki Fairfax
Martin Carlson, OAM, 1929–2022 Martin Carlson at the newly installed (now sadly, uninstalled) Casavant Freres organ in Hamer Hall. Australian Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne.When it came to finding the right people to…

Obituary: David Cullinane

Frank Van Straten
David Cullinane, 1934–2022 We pay warm tribute to David Cullinane who passed away peacefully on 12 August 2022, aged 87. David was an enthusiastic supporter of Theatre Heritage Australia (previously the Victoria Theatres Trust). For 13…

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C.H. Workman

C.H. Workman in Australia (Part 1)

Advertising card for Utopia Limited, c.1894. Author’s collection. Singer, comedian and Savoyard C.H. Workman arrived in Australia in 1914 as a member of The Girl in the Taxi company. He spent a total…

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