Theatre Heritage Australia

Without the tireless efforts of our volunteers this organisation could not possibly function. 
Therefore we would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their considerable input:

President Simon Piening
Vice President Diana Burleigh
Secretary Elisabeth Kumm
Treasurer David Williams
EVENTS Diana Burleigh (Chair), Judy Leech, Robert Ray
Bookings & Event Flyers Judy Leech
Images with grateful assistance of the SLV Pictures Collection team
FUNDRAISING Dr Sue-Anne Wallace (Chair), Peter Johnson, Simon Piening
Accountant David Williams
MEMBERSHIP David Williams (Chair), Elisabeth Kumm, Simon Piening
ORAL HISTORY Dr Cheryl Threadgold (Chair), Robert Morisson, Diana Burleigh
PUBLICATIONS Elisabeth Kumm (Chair), Judy Leech, Robert Morisson, Dr Cheryl Threadgold
Newsletter Editor Elisabeth Kumm
Layout Simon Piening
SPECIAL PROJECTS Matthew Peckham (Chair), Peter Johnson, Elisabeth Kumm, Judy Leech, Robert Morisson, Simon Piening, Jenny Fewster
WEB SITE & IT Peter Johnson (Chair), Simon Piening
Layout & Content Simon Piening
Flickr Peter Johnson