Purpose & Rules
Theatre Heritage Australia

Much of Australia's important theatre history is in danger of being forgotten. The very theatres themselves, which gave us the framework for this panorama of talent, are endangered. THA has been formed to fight for the preservation of both the history and the fabric of our ongoing theatre heritage.



The purpose of THA is to promote and encourage the understanding of Australia’s rich performing arts history.

We do this by:

  • undertaking research into Australia’s performing arts history
  • digitising historic documents, including moving images and audio relating to the performing arts
  • promoting and publishing this and other related information to enhance public knowledge
  • encouraging the identification, documentation and preservation of items relating to Australia’s performing arts history
  • encouraging the preservation of Australia’s performance spaces.



The organisation was founded by Evan Hercules in 1995 and originally called the Victoria Theatres Trust (VTT). To better reflect our national focus, at the 2008 AGM the VTT membership decided to incorporate and to change the name of the organisation to Theatre Heritage Australia Inc. (THA).



We are bound by a set of rules lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria.
You can download a full set of our rules here.



Theatre Heritage Australia adheres to ethical fundraising practices. You can view our Fundraising Policies and Procedures below:

Fundraising Policy (pdf file, 45KB)

Ethical Fundraising Policy (pdf file, 48KB)