Elisabeth Kumm

Elisabeth Kumm

Elisabeth is a founding member of the Victoria Theatres Trust. Her series Pets of the Public was a regular feature of On Stage from 1999 to 2005, looking at “forgotten” nineteenth century performers. She continues to contribute articles for the THA website, and from 2018 has been editor of the THA Newsletter. As a theatrical historian and biographer she assisted Viola Tait with her book on pantomime – Dames, Principal Boys…and All That (published by Macmillan in 2001) and also worked with her on her memoirs I Have a Song to Sing (published by THA in 2018). Elisabeth has also undertaken research for the Riley/Hailes Scrapbook and JCW Scene Books projects. Most recently she has been working on the Falk Studios album project including acting as editor of The Falk Studios book (published by THA in 2021). 

Monday, 01 May 2017 18:04

HUNTLEY, G.P. (1868-1927)

Irish actor & vocalist. Né George Patrick Huntley. Son of Frank Huntley (actor) and Mrs Frank Huntley (actress). Brother of Barbara Huntley (actress). Married Eva Kelly (actress). Died 21 September 1927. Father of G.P. Huntley Jr (actor).

On stage in Australia, 1904.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 265.

Monday, 01 May 2017 18:03

HUDSON, Thomas P. (c.1850-1909)

American actor & manager. Né Thomas Pedder Hudson. Born c.1851, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Son of Samuel Hudson and Sarah Ann Morris. Married (1) Jane Pickering, 1874, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, (2) Ada Maven (actress) (de facto), (3) May Habgood (pianist), 20 May 1888, Adelaide, SA, Australia, (4) Violet Gertrude Taylor (daughter of John Taylor of Sydney). Died 28 June 1909, Bournemouth, England, aged 60.

On stage in England from an early age. Toured throughout Australia, India, China and Japan with Hudson's Surprise Party. Was lessee of the Theatre Royal and Corinthian Theatres in Calcutta, and was manager for George Musgrove for a season of grand opera in 1901 and for Melba's tour in 1902.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 234.

Monday, 01 May 2017 18:01

HOWE, J.B. (1829-1908)

English actor & vocalist. Né Thomas Burdett Howe, aka James Burdett Howe. Son of Thomas Burdett Howe and Mary Ann Parkin. Married (1) Eliza Adelaide Bassett, 1862, London, England, (2) Julia Summers (actress) (de facto?). Died 13 March 1908, London, England.

On stage in London, New Zealand and Australia. Noted Shakespearean actor. Also performed in India with Lewis's Dramatic and Burlesque Company during 1871 and at the Bijou Theatre in Melbourne in 1882. Wrote autobiography, A Cosmopolitan Actor.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 175.

Monday, 01 May 2017 17:57

HOLLOWAY, W.J. (1843-1913)

English actor & manager. Né William John Holloway. Born 4 February 1843, London, England. Brother of Charles Holloway (actor). Married Kate Arden (actress), 30 June 1871. Died February 1913, London, England. Father of Cecil Arden (actress), Julia Sydney (actress) and W.E. Holloway (actor), and stepfather of Essie Jenyns (actress).

On stage in Australia and England. Managed own Shakespeare company in Australia and replaced Henry Irving as King Lear in London in 1892.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 244.

Monday, 01 May 2017 17:56

HOLLOWAY, Charles (c.1846-1908)

English actor. Brother of WJ Holloway (actor & manager). Married Alice Deorwyn (actress). Died 29 November 1908, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Father of Beatrice Holloway (actress).

On stage in Australia. Prominent member of Bland Holt’s company.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 244.

Monday, 01 May 2017 17:54

HOLLAND, Leslie (1874-1952)

English actor, dancer & vocalist. Born 1874, Hampstead, London, England. Brother of Ellis Holland and George Holland. Married Carlotta Nelly Johnstone, 1900, Marylebone, London, England. Died 30 May 1952, Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

On stage in Australia and South Africa for JC Williamson, 1905-1938.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 220.

Monday, 01 May 2017 17:53

HILL, John (fl. 1870s)

English pianist & violinist. Né John Thomas Hill, aka Mr Strauss Illa. Married Ilma di Murska (vocalist), 15 May 1876, Dunedin, New Zealand (bigamous).

In Australia for WS Lyster in 1870s.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 208.

Monday, 01 May 2017 17:51

HIGGINSON, Andrew (1876-1959)

English actor & vocalist (baritone). Son of Andrew Higginson (draughtsman) and Jane --. Married (1) Daisy Revette (actress), 1902, London, England (div. 1929), (2) Enid Lavisse (pianist), (3) Andree Portier (Porthier), 1935, Sydney, NSW, Australia (d. 1949). Died 1959, Gosford, NSW, Australia.

On stage in Australia from 1908.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, pages 172, 220.

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