Elisabeth Kumm

Elisabeth Kumm

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 16:02

NEWMAN, Jean (fl. 1900s-1920s)

Canadian operatic vocalist (soprano).

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 211.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 16:00

NERI, Mariano (fl. 1860s)

Italian operatic vocalist (tenor).

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 232.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:58

MUSGROVE, George (1854-1916)

English-Australian manager. Born 21 January 1854, Surbiton-on-Thames, England. Son of Thomas John Watson Musgrove and Fanny Hodson. Married (1) Emily Knight Fisk, 1874, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, (2) Nellie Stewart (actress) (de facto). Father of Emily Musgrove and Rose Musgrove (actress); and Nancye Stewart (actress) with Nellie Stewart.

Moved to Australia with family in 1860s. One of Australia’s most prominent theatre managers as partner in the ‘triumvirate’ with JC Williamson and Arthur Garner, 1882-1890, and with Williamson, 1892-1899. As manager of own company visited San Francisco in 1906 at time of earthquake, where he and Nellie Stewart lost most of their scenery, costumes and props.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 244.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:56

MUKLE, May (fl. 1900s)

English cellist.

In Australia 1910s.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 211.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:55

MORRISON, Ethel (1881-1951)

New Zealand actress & vocalist. Née Ethel Mary Maginnity. Born 1881, Wellington, New Zealand. Daughter of John Maginnity. Sister of Ernest Edward Maginnity. Married John Francis Abel Staines, 1906, London, England (d. 1924). Died May 1951, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

On stage in Australia from 1900s, performing in opera, musical comedy and G&S for JC Williamson Ltd.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 229.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:53

MORRIS, Mrs Maesmore (1872-1952)

English actress. Née Gertrude Wilmot. Married Maesmore Morris (div. 1905).

On stage in England and Australia.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 247.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:51

MOORE, Maggie (1851-1926)

American actress & vocalist. Née Margaret Virginia Sullivan. Born 10 April 1851, San Francisco, California, USA. Daughter of James Edward Sullivan and Bridget Mary Whelan. Married JC Williamson (actor & manager), 2 February 1873, San Francisco, California, USA (div. 1899), (2) HR Roberts (actor), 12 April 1902, New York City, New York, USA. Died 15 March 1926, San Francisco, California, USA.

On stage in Australia from 1874, performing in G&S, comedy, drama, pantomime. One of her early successes was in Struck Oil alongside JC Williamson.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 93.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:49

MOORE, Decima (1871-1964)

English actress & vocalist. Née Lillian Decima Moore. Born 11 December 1871, Brighton, Sussex, England. Daughter of Edward Henry Moore (chemist) and Emily Strachan. Sister of Bertha Moore (actress), Jessie Moore (actress), Eva Moore (actress). Married (1) Cecil Ainslie Walker-Leigh (actor), 1896 (div. 1902), (2) Frederick Gordon Guggisberg (Later Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Gold Coast), 1905. Died 2 February 1964, Kensington, London, England. aged 93.

On stage in England from 1889, having studied singing under Rose Hersee. Awarded CBE, 1918.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 195.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:48

MOORE, Carrie (1882-1956)

Australian actress & vocalist. Born 20 July 1882, Geelong, VIC, Australia. Daughter of Robert William Moore and Mary Wyatt. Sister of Ivy Moore (actress). Married (1) Percy Plantagenet Bigwood, (2) John Wyatt. Died 5 September 1956, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

On stage from the age of thirteen; enjoyed success in Australia and England performing in musical comedy, pantomime and vaudeville.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 171.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 15:45

MONTGOMERY, Walter (1827-1871)

American-English actor. Né Richard Tomlinson. Born 25 August 1827, Gawennis, Long Island, USA. Married Laleah Burpee Bigelow, 30 August 1871. Died 1 September 1871, London, England, aged 44 (committed suicide).

On stage in England and Australia from 1863. Toured Australia 1867-1868, performing Shakespeare and melodrama.

Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 168.

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