16 November 2019: Vicki Fairfax & Chris King: Arts Centre Melbourne: Yesterday and Tomorrow

19 October 2019: Primrose Lady Potter AM & Rupert Sherwood: How could the arts exist without philanthropists?

15 June 2019: Dr Caitlyn Lehmann: Hoofing It! Ballet on Saddle and Stage at Astley’s Circus

11 May 2019: Michael Pearce: Melbourne based theatre set and costume designer

9 March 2019: 10th Annual General Meeting. With Special Guest speaker – Phil A'vard

How could the arts exist without philanthropists? This public talk will look at the state of private giving in the 21st century. Join leading philanthropist Primrose Lady Potter AM as she speaks of her personal experiences, followed by Rupert Sherwood, Director of Development at the Melbourne Theatre Company, as he talks about raising funds from the public.

In this illustrated talk, Dr Caitlyn Lehmann will introduce the eccentric world of Philip and John Astley, and reveal the unexpected connections between ballet and circus that shaped the Astley’s fortunes from the 1780s to the early 1800s.

Michael Pearce has designed nine works for The Australian Ballet, winning three Green Room Awards for Best Dance design, and is a frequent collaborator with The Australian Ballet's resident choreographer Stephen Baynes.

2019 Theatre Heritage Australia Annual General Meeting